Monday, February 9, 2015

February 6, 2015

It has been a busy (and COLD) few weeks at the Elementary School! Hopefully the groundhog was wrong and Spring will be right around the corner! We celebrated a fantastic Super Bowl win, built geometric mini-golf courses, and gathered for our monthly Community Meeting!

Sam Cederbaum

Morning Drop Off Reminders
Over the last few weeks we have noticed several potentially dangerous situations occur during our morning drop off time. Please adhere to the following reminders to ensure an orderly and safe drop off for all students:

  • Please be aware that “Do Not Enter” signs are posted on the road in front of the middle school, so no one may drive up the hill during school hours (7:00 – 3:00).  “Do Not Enter” signs are also posted for cars going down the hill by the primary school toward the post office, during school hours.  Therefore, during school hours, all vehicular traffic must approach the elementary school driving up the hill via Gleason Court by the primary school, and then driving down the hill to the elementary school, exiting on Route 16.
  • Please form a single drop-off line via Gleason Court with your car facing down the hill, and with the Elementary School on your right.
  • Pull up along the sidewalk in front of the building; then drop your child off. Please encourage him/her to be ready to exit your car in a timely manner, to keep the line moving.
  • Please ensure that your child exits on the passenger side of your vehicle, not on the driver’s side, to ensure safety.
  • Once your child has been dropped off, please continue down the hill to exit via Route 16. 
  • Please be patient, and stay in a single line!  It is important not to try to bypass the line, as passing other cars, or forming a double line, is extremely dangerous.
  • Please allow adequate time for this process.  The line can back up and move slowly, despite everyone’s best efforts.  Your child is still expected to be in school on time.  (Students are to be in their homeroom by 8:20.  Students who arrive in homeroom after 8:20 are marked tardy.)
  • Finally, please ensure that your child is dressed safely and appropriately for this cold weather.
Super Bowl Groundhogs
All students had the opportunity to predict the winner of this year's Super Bowl as well as the  whether the groundhog would see his shadow or not. They each crafted a groundhog sporting a jersey of the team they thought would win and could then add a shadow if they thought Punxsutawney Phil would predict 6 more weeks of winter.
SPOILER ALERT - The Patriots won the Super Bowl and Phil did see his shadow!!

Showing More N.E. Spirit!
We held one last Patriots Spirit Day just prior to the Super Bowl! I think our hometown spirit helped boost the team to a win on Sunday!

FORE......Micro Mini Golf
Students in Mrs. Dagenais's and Mrs. Babola's classes concluded their study of geometry by designing and creating micro mini golf courses. In teams, students used straws and tape to create a golf hole that included the various types of lines and angles they learned about in their math classes. I even joined the students to try out their courses. Sadly, my mini golf skills were not up to "par" as I came in with 45 strokes!

What Am I Writing Riddles

As part of their Empowering Writers lessons, Mrs. Woupio's students created riddles about desert animals. They researched facts and composed well written paragraphs about desert animals. They added illustrations of their animals and displayed them in the hall for all to see as they pass by.

Winter Wonderland of Artwork
Students have been working hard in Mrs. Merrill's art classes to create wonderful winter works of art!

Martin Luther King Poetry
Mrs. Martinsen's students worked to create poetry to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Community
Mrs. Tedisky's students learned about their community and created posters to show others what their community looks like.

Positive Referrals
Congratulations to all of the students who have recently received Positive Referrals for their excellent behaviors, actions, and willingness to help others! 

Community Meeting
We gathered together on the last day of January to celebrate the completion of our first month of 2015, another group of hard workers, and our newest Box Top Winners, Mrs. Dupre's class!

Upcoming Dates
February 10 - PTO Meeting - DES Library - 7:00 pm
February 11 - School Committee Meeting - DHS Room C208 - 7:00 pm
February 13 - PTO Valentine's Dance - DES Cafeteria - 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
February 16-20 - February Vacation