Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 24, 2015

What a busy week we had before vacation! With a Spirit Day, Book Fair, Penny Wars, and a Folk Festival we certainly accomplished a lot!

Have a great week,
Sam Cederbaum

Play Ball...Go Sox!!
We kicked off our busy week by celebrating the Red Sox home opener at Fenway Park! Go Red Sox!

Under the Sea Scholastic Book Fair
Thank you to everyone for your support of PTO Spring Book Fair! It was another successful event! A HUGE thanks to all the volunteers who helped setup, organize, and work at the book fair! We couldn't have done it without you!

Penny Wars
During the Book Fair, grade levels battled it out to raise money and WIN and extra recess with Mr. Cederbaum! At the end of the week, it came down to 370 points ($3.70) to determine our winner! Congratulations to GRADE 2 STUDENTS for WINNING the Penny Wars!! The total amount raised by all students combined was $2,466.10! Way to go!!

Fifth Grade Folk Festival
Over the last few months, each fifth grader has worked hard to complete a quilt based on a historical fiction novel. They had the chance to show off their hard work on Friday for our First Annual Folk Festival. Parents and guests enjoyed seeing the students' quilts and listening to their presentations about their books. Great job boys and girls!

Fourth Grade Roller Coasters
As a culminating activity to their forces of motion and energy unit, students in Mrs. Woupio's and Mrs. Chauvin's classes constructed roller coasters! Their coasters had to utilize potential energy, kinetic energy, inertia, and friction. Students did a fantastic job collaborating with team members, construction, and presenting their coasters!

Metaphorically Speaking
Mrs. Hippert's students illustrated the figurative and literal meanings of several common metaphors.

Hola, Let's Learn Spanish!
Madeline Peck, a DHS student participating in the Blackstone Valley Leadership Academy, visited Mrs. Gauthier's class to complete her community service project. She taught the students some Spanish vocabulary and they created their own placemats.

Third Grade Antics
Third graders have been working on volcanoes, peep mobiles and boats, and diamante poems this week!

Sparks of the Revolution
Mr. Checheta's class has been putting themselves in the shoes of the early colonists at the beginning of the American Revolution. They have created newspaper articles representing both sides of the French and Indian War, political cartoons, and Boston Tea Party quilts . They are definitely bringing history ALIVE!

Upcoming Events
May 5 & 6 - Grade 5 Science/Technology MCAS
May 7 - Grade 3 PARCC ELA
May 12 - Grade 4 PARCC ELA
May 13 - Grade 5 PARCC ELA
May 14 & 15 - Grade 4 PARCC Math
May 19 & 20 - Grade 3 PARCC ELA 
May 21 & 22 - Grade 5 PARCC ELA