Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 19, 2015

Our last full week has come to an end and boy was it busy! We had field trips, projects, and we even added a few "new students" to our third grade!

Sam Cederbaum

Third Grade Visits Drumlin Farm
Our third graders enhanced their Science curriculum by spending the day at the Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary. They participated in programs that looked at animal adaptations, pond life, and life cycles! Although it was a rainy morning, everyone had a great time!

Fifth Grade Goes Quackers!
Our fifth graders enjoyed the day in Boston this week as they hopped aboard Duck Boats to get an up close and historical look at our capital city!

Fourth Grade Fireworks
Mrs. Woupio's students created poems about fireworks and then created their own artistic fireworks to decorate their work.

Animal Adaptation Projects
Mrs. Woupio and Mrs. Chauvin's students designed an imaginary animal to survive in a specific imaginary habitat. They needed to give examples of environment, climate, food, prey, landforms and special features.

New Students Peep into Third Grade
As a culmination to their life cycles unit in science, third grade students have been incubating eggs with the hopes of hatching chickens! After a long 21 day wait, the eggs began to crack and the newest members of our learning community hatched! Stay tuned more even more pictures next week!


Upcoming Events
June 24 - Douglas Spirit Day
June 24 - Community Meeting
June 24 - Move Up Day for grade 5
June 25 - Move Up Day for grades 2-4
June 25 - Last Day of School - 1/2 Day