Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 18, 2015

It's hard to believe Winter vacation is right around the corner, especially based on the wonderful weather we're having. We enjoyed another great week with lots of fun activities! Last Monday we gathered for our November Community Meeting, we wrapped up our first trimester of the year, and celebrated with a Pajama Day!

Sam Cederbaum

REMINDER - Report Cards Now Available
As a reminder, our first trimester report cards are available for viewing on the iPass Parent Portal site. Please sign up for access to your student(s) grades and report cards. If you have any difficulty, please contact Mrs. St. Pierre in the office for assistance.

Community Meeting
All students and faculty came together to celebrate a month of hard work, collecting hundreds of box tops, and to discuss the many ways we exhibited COOPERATION throughout the last month. We also had a special performance by fifth grade yo-yo enthusiast Michael Carr. He wowed us all with his amazing tricks!

Lil' Shopper's Shoppe
Students and families had a great time participating in this PTO event. Students loved buying and wrapping gifts for family and friends. Thanks to the PTO and the volunteers who helped to make this a successful event!

Spirit Day!
To celebrate the end of our first trimester, we held a PAJAMA DAY on Friday! Everyone showed off their spirit and was very comfy too!

TAG....You're it!
Mrs. Dupre class earned the chance to play scooter tag as a class on Friday afternoon! I even joined in for some fun! Everyone had a super fun time!

Isn't Our Cursive SNOW Pretty?
Ms. Baldyga's class showed off their BEST cursive writing as they copied a selection about their favorite thing about winter.....SNOW!!

Let's Get Physical!
Fifth grade students worked on a science lab this week. Students worked in groups to classify a selection of items based on their physical properties.

Positive Referrals
Congratulations to the following students for earning Positive Referrals this week. They are great role models for others!

A Bunch of Turkeys
Fifth grade students spent time writing about Thanksgiving from a turkey's point of view. One partner wrote from a turkey who was in favor of Thanksgiving, while the other partner wrote from a turkey who was against Thanksgiving. The students also presented their project to their class. 

Welcome to Google Classroom
Mr. Villemaire, our IT specialist, spent some time with Mrs. Fitzpatrick's class introducing them to Google classroom. The students have been using this great platform to do some AWESOME writing as well as other projects!

Happy Hanukkah
Mrs. Doyle's class got into the holiday spirit. They learned all about Hanukkah and worked in groups to play the dreidel game.

Bigers and Tions and Lears, Oh My!
Fourth graders have completed the trioramas for their new fantastical creatures. They made their new animal out of clay, drew their animal's environment, and wrote about how their new animal has adapted to its environment.

Upcoming Events

12/21 - Plimoth Plantation visits grade 3 classes
12/21 - December Community Meeting - 8:30am
12/23 - Half-Day - Dismissal at 11:45
12/24 - 1/3 - Winter Vacation
1/4/2016 - School Resumes