Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 29, 2016

We have officially hit the half-way point in our year together and the 100th day is just around the corner. We had a great time playing in the snow last week! As January comes to a close, we had our Community Meeting and lots of great projects, lessons, and assignments happening in our classrooms!

Sam Cederbaum

Community Meeting
We rounded out January by gathering in the gym on Friday. We discussed the many ways we demonstrated SELF CONTROL throughout the month. We also brainstormed how to show other we CARE during February. We also gave out our Hard Worker awards for the month! Congratulations to our recipients!

Wonderful World of Disney
Mrs. Martinsen's fifth graders recently completed a great project about Walt Disney. It was based on the Empowering Writer's Lesson on organization of writing and how to group main ideas together to form a clear and coherent paragraph.  The fifth grade students made it even better by creating posters and skits to make their work "come to life" in a world where "Dreams Do Come True!"

Douglas Elementary Teachers are SOUP-er!
The PTO treated our faculty and staff to 2 SOUP-er days of treats! From bagels, danish, and muffins to soup, chili, and bread bowls; there was something for everyone! Thanks to the many parents who donated food, paper goods, or time to make this a successful event. Thanks also to Panera Breads for their generous donations of delicious breads and sweet treats! Finally, a BIG thank you to Mrs. Lisa Dean for organizing this amazing event! It was greatly appreciated by all!

Energy Has Many Forms
Fifth graders have been studying the many forms of energy around us every day!

Fourth Grade ROCKS!!
Mrs. Woupio's students conduct some yummy rock experiments.

I Admire You!
Some of Mrs. Fitzpatrick's students illustrated and wrote about someone in their lives that they admire.

Silly Science Does Oobleck!
In After School Enrichment our Silly Science students read the Dr. Seuss classic, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and then created some of their own!

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 15, 2016

January continues to fly by and the cold winter weather is finally settling in! We try to get outside as much as possible, so please send your students to school with warm winter jackets, hats, and gloves! We will venture out for recess as long as the weather remains above 25 degrees! We had a great week with a FANTASTIC guest! We even made history! Our After School Enrichment program began as well!

Sam Cederbaum

Historical Women Visit Students
Sheryl Faye returned to the Elementary School this week for FOUR great shows! We made history by being the FIRST school to have all FOUR women perform in ONE day! Each grade level received a special visitor. Second graders met Eleanor Roosevelt, third graders met Clara Barton, fourth graders met Laura Ingalls Wilder, and fifth graders met Helen Keller. Sheryl did an amazing job and the students learned a great deal about these four amazing women! Thanks to the PTO for bringing Sheryl's talent to our students!

I Have A Dream!
Mrs. Doyle's students celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream by coming up with dreams of their own. They also created great bookmarks!

After School Enrichment Begins!
Our first ever After School Enrichment began its first session this past week. We have over 130 students enrolled in this session's classes! Students and teachers alike were having an AWESOME time in each and every class! Look out for the next session beginning this spring!

Colorful Compliments
Mr. Scafidi's students demonstrated their knowledge of complimentary colors with these fantastic hand design paintings. Great work boys and girls!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 20 - School Committee Meeting - 7pm @ DHS Room C208
Friday, January 22 - Trimester 2 Progress Reports Sent Home