Monday, January 2, 2017

December 30, 2016

December Community Meeting

We gathered one last time in 2016 before leaving for vacation! We celebrated another round of Heroic Hard Workers and gave out the Box Tops trophy to Mrs. Dupre's class! We also discussed the many ways in which we have be generous both at home and school this month. We also talked about the trait we will be working on in January: Self Control/Self Discipline. Coming back from vacation will be difficult, but we will be looking for hard working students that are able to get back in the swing of things, remain in control, and show the self discipline to exhibit expected behaviors. We are looking forward to a strong start to 2017!

Pennies for Puppies
Mrs. Woupio's and Ms. Chauvin's classes have been collecting pennies for puppies over the last few months. They proudly presented Dog Orphans with a check for $148. Paisley the therapy dog even came to accept the check! Great job boys and girls! This was a great example of the generosity we were aiming for!

Unique as a Snowflake
Fifth graders decorated the hallway with a great message and some beautiful snowflakes! 

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Fourth graders in Mrs. Tedisky's class created themselves inside a snow globe and wrote what it would be like if they lived inside them.

Roller Coaster Madness
Fourth grade students culminated their science unit on energy building roller coasters. They incorporated everything they learned about speed, velocity, kinetic energy, and stored energy. Their designs came out great!

 Ho, Ho, Ho!
Santa paid a visit to our FLEX Center this week!

Upcoming Events
1/4 - School Committee Meeting - 7pm DHS Room C208
1/10 - January PTO Meeting - 7pm DES Library
1/27 - PTO Family Movie Night - 6pm DES Cafeteria