Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 19, 2017

Internet Safety
We began our week with a visit from Ellen Miller who works in the District Attorney's Office. She spoke with our fourth and fifth graders regarding internet safety & cyberbullying. With the amount of technology our students utilize both in and out of school, we wanted to educate them on the do's and don'ts of social media, cyberbullying, and general internet safety. Ms. Miller's presentations were very well received by the students!

Art in the Valley
Fifteen of our students were showcased in this year's Art in the Valley presentation. Mr. Scafidi has displayed some of those selected in our front lobby. Congratulations to all the students that were selected!

More Art!
Mr. Scafidi's students have completed several new projects! Check out the awesome work!

Area & Perimeter Robots
Third grade students created some very unique robots! They then calculated the area and perimeter for different parts of their creations!

James and the Giant Peach Research
Mrs. Hippert's students are reading Roald Dahl's classic James and the Giant Peach. They have done some research on the real life versions of the colorful insect characters found in the book. Great job boys and girls!

Gardening Fun
Our After School Enrichment Gardening Club is having so much fun! They have cleared out a bed to plant in, planted seedlings, and weeded a TON! Way to go everyone!

Memorial Day History
Second graders learned all about the history of Memorial Day and created a great bulletin board!

Our Students are BRIGHT!
Mrs. Waggenheim's students created this sunny display with lots of -ing words!

Author Spotlight: Felicia Bond
This month's featured author is Felicia Bond who is probably most recognized for her If You Give A... series of books.

Mexico Trifolds
Fourth grade student's in Mrs. Tedisky's class learned all about Mexico. They studied the country's geography, climate, people, and customs. Then they created these awesome trifold brochures to highlight the great information!

All About Me
Mrs. Woupio's and Ms. Chauvin's students wrote poems about themselves! The students did a great job summing WHO the are!

Conversion Carnival
Fifth graders brushed up on their measurement conversions by going to the carnival. Each student completed their conversions and then designed their own carnival to their liking!

Despereaux Book Jackets
Ms. Babigian's and Mrs. Bertone's students recently finished reading Kate DiCamillo's novel, The Tale of Despereaux, in class. As a culminating project, the students created a book jacket with information about the novel.

Historical Fiction Quilts
Mrs. Martinsen's students have worked hard over the last few months completing a historical fiction quilt project. Their projects came out great and they have been spending some time this week presenting their work to their classmates.